8 Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

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Aging is a daunting feat that we all are faced with at some point in our lives. The good news however is that keeping your largest organ looking ageless is in fact incredibly easy to do! Here, we will be unlocking the secret top 8 steps to healthy looking skin at every age!

Drink Plenty of Water

Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

Perhaps you are already well aware of the fact that drinking plenty of water each and every day is your life force and it keeps you both looking and feeling amazing.

Water hydrates your skin and additionally increases your skin’s overall lasting elasticity (which is what our skin tends to lose over time) leading to a significant decrease in wrinkles and fine lines.

With keeping that in mind, be sure to drink it up and reap all of the incredible benefits and rewards that water has to offer your skin!

Develop a Healthy Routine

Developing a healthy routine in terms of both your physical and mental health is an essential key factor to keeping your skin looking healthy at any age.

When you care for yourself physically and mentally in terms of working out and avoiding stressful situations, your skin truly avoids significant amounts of damage. Stress is a leading cause in the development of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and plain and simply taking the time to work-out and find some relief in terms of avoiding stress is one of the easiest ways to avoid those unwanted and unsightly wrinkles that all too often appear over time and are more often than not caused by an overabundance of stress.

Implement Sun Protection

Taking care of your skin by way of implementing sun protection in the wat of both sunscreen and keeping covered up is one of the best (and most easy) ways to take care of your skin. Not caring for your skin in terms of protecting it from the sun is one of the leading causes of skin damage. The sun’s harsh rays can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, moles and even skin cancers. It is always best to simply avoid the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays altogether (and yes, this includes tanning beds which are equally as damaging to your skin). If you find that you must be outside for any reason in the sunshine, be sure to always opt for a great sunscreen (the higher the SPF, the better), wear a hat and take relief in the shade as much as you can.

Choose Your Make-Up Wisely

Investing in a good, more pure brand of makeup is really a good idea, if in fact you are a daily makeup wearer. Be sure to always read the ingredients on the labels and research the best, most pure options that may be available. There are a number of truly great makeup products that are not only not harmful to you skin, but actually have some notable benefits to keeping your skin healthy and resilient. Many even contain sunscreens and protection against many harmful environmental elements and pollutions.

Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

Skin Care Products

Just as you should invest in good, pure makeup, your skin care products should equally be of excellent quality. Be sure to always avoid products that contain water and/or alcohol as the first ingredients due to the fact that they are incredibly drying and damaging to your skin. And be sure to always start and finish off your day with a good face cleansing routine which is vitally important to ensure that you are removing not only your makeup, but also all of the environmental toxins that your skin comes in contact with each and every day. Environmental toxins and pollution can literally wreak havoc on your face, particularly if you live in larger cities or towns. There is so much pollution in the air and when it comes in direct contact with the pores on your face, your skin truly pays the price.

Eat Healthy

Having a healthy body is one of the best ways to care for your skin. Filling your body with an assortment of healthy foods like fresh, organic fruits and vegetables will ensure that your skin is receiving the proper nourishment in terms of essential vitamins and minerals that is so desperately requires (and we all too often tend to overlook).

Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

Keep Your Hands Off

So many of us are all too guilty of not keeping our hands off of our faces. And there are a good deal of ways in which we all may find ourselves with our hands wiping or smearing our faces; whether pressing a germ-ridden phone to it or merely picking at an annoying blemish with our grimey hands, there are so many ways that we end up getting more dirt, germs and grime into the pores of our skin which leads to more blemishes. Always be sure to keep your hands as far away from your face as you possibly can and be sure to clean your phone as often as you have the time too.


Caring for your face is a great way to care for your skin and also keep it looking healthy and ageless. However, do not overlook the rest of your body’s skin as well. As previously stated, your skin is your largest organ which means that extra care and consideration is in fact required for keeping it looking beautiful in its entirety. After you get out of the shower or bath, be sure to always lather up with some great lotion. Do not forget your hands, your feet and your neck in order to ensure full and complete coverage.

Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

It should most certainly be noted that keeping your skin looking both healthy and ageless most certainly does not have to be a time consuming or even difficult thing to accomplish. By simply implementing some simple, daily changes into your already existing health and beauty care routine, you can in turn stay on top of ensuring that your skin looks and feels amazing for decades to come!