Here is What to Eat to Help you De-Stress

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what to eat to help you destress Here is What to Eat to Help you De-Stress


Stress is inevitable.


All your life you have been probably told that a huge issue that most adults deal with was stress. As the adult you are now, you have learned or are maybe just getting a taste of what real stress looks like. Not only were you always taught the horror stories of how stressful adulthood would be, but you were probably also told how dangerous of a life that it could lead you to.


How Stress Can be Deadly

For instance, most stress is connected to lifelong struggles and problems like depression, alcoholism, substance abuse and the one we will be discussing today –overeating.


A lot of people turn to food as their vice for dealing with their inner difficulties. For instance, comfort-food is one of the biggest leading causes of the obesity epidemic and can often lead a person to feel emptier from before they began binge eating. Though most people have this particular problem in their genetics, obesity, especially caused by stress, can also come as a blindside, from out of nowhere. Overeating is a slippery slope and should be watched carefully. Binge eating every once in a while is not too big of an issue, but once it becomes a regular thing can be dangerous and deadly. Turning to food can be someone’s cause of obesity and possibly even death.

Dealing with Stress

Now that we have clarified how serious overeating and binge eating is, we have a positive light to introduce you to. For instance, there IS a way to unload the stress in your life by using the medium of food. Of course, there are ways to go overboard with this as well, but everything in moderation can be controlled in a way that would be beneficial to you and your lifestyle.

Today we will be introducing a few foods for you to eat that might not remove whatever is stressing you in your life, but can help you relax and rejuvenate to attack it full-heartedly and full-stomached.

Here are our top de-stressing foods:

1. Berries and Nuts


Most stress-eating is also associated with constant eating. Something like candy or chips can be handful one by one, or by the handful, but there is something satisfying when stress-eating about the fact that you can also reach your hand into the bag and pull out more. Keeping your actions busy in such a repetitive act can help put your mind into something else, which is mainly the reason for binge eating in the first place. If you still like this idea, reaching into a bag or container for some healthy berries and nuts satisfy that craving and are good for you (in moderation of course).
Berries are high in antioxidants and are packed with vitamin C which helps steady cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is your main issue when you are feeling frazzled.
Nuts have loads of vitamin E, zinc, and selenium which fight free radicals and the damage that is usually associated with stress.

2. Whole Grains

If you want that chip snacking feeling, a handful or two of whole grain crackers are a great option. Though you need to make sure to see that they actually contain whole grains and not are just labeled as so. Whole grains are spring-loaded with vitamin B, which soothe your mood and feelings.
If you are craving something sweet and want to add a bit of sugar to this healthy de-stressing food, reach for a WHOLE GRAIN English muffin and add a dollop of jam or honey. This will also boost your serotonin.

3. Avocados


Another great source of vitamin B that you can add to your whole grain crackers are some slices of fresh avocado. Not only do they taste great, but they are also really great for reducing stress and go great in salads, which are super healthy for you of course.

4. Chicken Breast

Not only can you put your avocado salad as your meal for the deal, feel free to add some fat-free chicken breast to it! The tryptophan in the chicken can improve your sleep health and help your mood.

5. Leafy greens and asparagus


I know your first line of thinking when you read those words are usually not associated with anything exciting, but not only do they implement such amazing benefits for your health, they are also extremely helpful in your stress minimizing journey.
The leafy greens contain lots of vitamin B to calm you down, and they also make serotonin. Which is a chemical that you’ve probably already heard a lot about. It’s basically your happy booster.
Asparagus is packed with folic acid which prevents the building of fatigue, depression, and irritability. Which are three of the most known symptoms in someone that is stressed.

6. Salmon

Omega-3, which is what salmon basically is, is crucial in dealing with stress and is extremely good for you. It is fantastic in working directly with your brain, helping your brain cells function better together, which can reduce stress.


Staying away from those sugar and fat-loaded comfort foods is crucial at this point, and can ultimately lead to a bigger problem if you turn to them. Once in a while, of course, ordering a pizza or putting a few cookies on your plate is not an issue, but if this becomes your vice for dealing with stressful situations, then it can turn into a much greater and deeper rooted problem that will show on the outside as well. It can also lead to loads of health complications, and the last thing you want to put on your plate (literally) is some other problems that you have to deal with, as well. Implementing these de-stressing foods in your diet is a great way to stay healthy but cope with stress.


The key to this strategy, as well as anything in life, is putting it into practice and doing it with moderation. Any of these foods or suggestions can ultimately be bad for you if you binge eat them as well. A great tip to avoid this is to prepare whatever the healthy amount of it is beforehand and separate it from where the source is. Separate it very far away like the top kitchen cabinet or in the back of the fridge, which allows you to think twice before you go for a second helping.

Don’t stress and eat! But if you do, try reaching for these healthier options, which will not only help you cope with stress but give you a fighting chance to overcome it!