Aloe Vera Benefits for Your Skin

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benefits of aloe vera for your skin Aloe Vera Benefits for Your Skin

Aloe Vera seems to be the miracle worker for anything and everything that you need in regards to your skin. Once you hit your mid-twenties, skin care almost always becomes a must (unless you were blessed by the wrinkle-free skin gods). It is also recommended that less is more when it comes to skin products, and lots of creams will leave you feeling slimy and clogged for quadruple the price, but aloe vera is a great way to stay natural and care for your skin.

The use of Aloe Vera can be dated back CENTURIES. Because not only is the clear gel that the plant’s leaves give out great for your skin, it also boasts medicinal properties and healing powers that can alleviate many skin conditions as well as cuts and burns.

Did you know that many of the aloe vera benefits concern your skin? Find out how to get beautiful skin with pure aloe vera products which cost a fraction of your regular face creams.

Here are some of the many uses and benefits that Aloe Vera has for your skin:

1. Bye-bye Stretch Marks

Female belly with pregnancy stretch marks closeup

Aloe Vera is so multifunctional that it can also act as a cocoa butter, targeting the stretch marks on your skin. Stretch marks are a product of when the elasticity of our skin stretches too far, too fast. Usually you can see this during examples of pregnancy and rapid weight gain (or loss). But overall, since they are actually tears in the skin, they can be healed with aloe vera.

2. Adios Wrinkles


Not only can it help join the tears in the skin from stretch marks, but it can also tap into the elasticity properties and accentuate them. For instance, Aloe is packed with antioxidants, and these vitamins, like C and E and beta carotene can kick start that firmness that the skin needs to bounce back, stay hydrated and eliminate those wrinkles.

3. Au revoir Acne


Not only does Aloe vera have antioxidants, which if you’ve read literally ANY of our articles, antioxidants are the bee’s knees and fantastic for you, they have hormones! Two of them, actually. Auxin and Gibberellins are hormones associated with anti-inflammation and they are what kicks in when Aloe Vera fights to heal open wounds. It can also cover up and target blemishes on your face, or those marks that you simply don’t want to exist anymore. Aloe Vera lightens up these marks`11 Gibberellins is also a growth hormone, which means when the skin is healing, it is producing more and more new skin cells which allows the wound to heal quickly and with the least amount of scarring as possible. This also works with herpes outbreaks, Eczema, Rosacea and dark spots.

4. Hello Smooth Skin


Aloe Vera is a great option to go-to when you are looking for a moisturizer that doesn’t leave your skin feeling thick and oily. It can be used before putting on makeup, to keep the pores moist and yet hard for the makeup to get into and dry the skin out. It can also be used as a makeup remover! And it can also be used after shaving, for most men who are looking to quickly heal those small cuts that may happen.

5. Hello Relief


If you have ever been traumatized with the pains of a horrible sunburn, aka, if you have ever been on vacation to the beach, you know what it’s like to drive as quickly as possible to your nearest CVS and buy everything in the skin care department to seek relief. Keeping a storage of Aloe Vera in your medicine cabinet can save you the trip, and can save you some pain. Aloe Vera offers amazing relief for sunburn and most burns in general. Growing up in Florida with the malicious and unforgiving sun, we learned pretty quickly what Aloe Vera was, easily inviting it into our cabinet storage and into our hearts.

Among all these other benefits of Aloe Vera on your skin, it can also heal underneath it, by banishing black and blue bruises. Of course, every skin type is different and will react differently to the gel, one type of skin might heal faster than another, you have to take our word for it: it works! It also can reduce tissue damage caused by frost bite, from the other spectrum of weather than treating sunburns. It can work its magic on rashes, even rashes with an unknown cause.

Interestingly enough, Aloe Vera also has amazing properties dealing with your feet. When proposed with a recipe for an exfoliating mask, Aloe Vera can leave your feet super soft (along with most of your skin). It also helps with Athlete’s Foot and grants relief for blisters. AKA, if you are an athlete or runner of any kind, you NEED Aloe Vera. Sunburns, blisters, athlete’s foot, what more could you ask for!

Another topic related to unwanted skin blemishes, is that Aloe Vera helps treat warts. It can shrink them, and with a cooling removal aid, can help you rid of them on your skin.

If you work with radiation on a regular basis, Aloe vera can protect your skin from the exposure and block the free radicals that cause it.

It’s actually quite hard to find a reason NOT to pick up Aloe Vera at your next shopping trip. The healing properties and incredible benefits of Aloe Vera on the skin goes way further than this list. If you are looking for fast relief for anything skin related, such as dry skin, oily skin, cuts, burns, frost bite, to just about any deformity like warts or skin conditions, Aloe Vera should be your next go-to gel. Not only is it so beneficial in so many different ways, it is also quite inexpensive and can even be found in nature. If you are talking about direct natural healing, soothing irritated or burnt skin whether from the sun or minor burns, and making your skin as soft as possible, Aloe Vera is the way to go for you.