How to Eat Healthy Over the Winter Holidays and Still Enjoy all the Food

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eating healthy over holidays How to Eat Healthy Over the Winter Holidays and Still Enjoy all the Food

The holiday’s are a wonderful time of year. Filled with family, friends, making great memories… and with all that enjoyment and festivity also comes meals, snacks and treats of which are ridiculously loaded with unnecessary calories, fats and carbs that not only does your body not need, but also just can’t even use. And instead, is far more likely to store. Most notably on your hips, thighs and midsection.

There is of course, some light in the midst of all this madness; you can combat against unwanted extra holiday pounds, while still being able to enjoy all of the festive goodies that you year to enjoy. To sum it all up, Christmas is coming and that means one thing, delicious food and cakes! Here is our guide on how to enjoy Christmas food and maintain a healthy diet!

The Things You Can Do


Snack Wisely: When you head to a holiday party, you are undoubtedly going to be faced with a table full of delicious treats and snacks. Do not permit yourself to simply dive in and fill your body with these delicious treats guilt-free. Feel free to enjoy a snack or two, but be sure to enjoy them sparingly and instead load your plate with other delicious, more healthy treats.

Choose Fruits and Veggies: When available, always fill your plate with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. They are a great, guilt-free way for you to keep yourself feeling satiated. Which in turn means that you will end up indu;ding significantly less during the holiday event. Be wary of adding dips however as they can pack on extra calories without a second thought.

Eat Before the Party: If you can, opt for a small, healthy meal or snack before you head out to that holiday event. A great option is to enjoy a small soup or salad. Load the salad with a ton of fresh, raw veggies to keep you fuller and more satiated up the arrival at the party.

Avoid Sugary Drinks: At every holiday party you are sure to be faced with a ton of sugary drink options. From hot cocoa, soda pop, fruit punches and high calorie alcoholic drinks you are going to be faced with unlimited options or high calorie drinks that are known as “empty calories” or ones that do absolutely nothing for your body except adding inches to your waistline.


Limit Alcoholic Beverages: To follow up with avoiding sugary packed drinks at your next holiday party, you should also be super weary of filling your body with alcoholic drinks as well. There are a number of reasons why. For instance, alcoholic drinks are of course packed with empty calories and sugar. TO add to that, alcoholic drinks also greatly lower your inhibitions. And, lowered inhibitions means that you are put in a place where you are gar more likely to indulge guilt-free on all of the sugary and salty snacks that are presented at the holiday party.

Pick Your Protein: Protein is hugely beneficial when it comes to filling and fueling up your body. Protein helps your body to burn more calories and also provides you with a ton of much-needed extra energy during the holiday season. When at your next holiday event, be sure to always fill your body with a ton of protein. Even if there is no turkey or prime rib available, you can still more than likely find protein in the way of something else. For example, if there are salads or dips available, you can find protein through beans, hummus or even Greek yogurt. Load your salad with bean sprouts or sunflower seeds. And feel free to load up on any form of nuts that may be available. When it comes to meats, feel free to nosh, just do so with care. While red meat is loaded with protein, it is also higher in fat, so if white meat is available, opt for that instead, if possible.

Avoid Starch: Starches can be found in virtually each and every single side dish that is presented at a holiday feast. And while most certainly amazing in flavor, for the most part they are significantly lacking in nutrition. From mashed potatoes and gravy to creamy macaroni and cheese, do your body (and your waistline) a favor and fill you plate with white meat and healthy veggies instead.


Be Wary of Dairy: It is a well known fact that it takes your body a ton of time to digest dairy products. Dairy products are also no only super high in fats, but they even harden and adhere to the lining of your intestines which prevents the absorption of nutrients into your body. Dairy is also super acidic and simple stores itself within your undy until it needs to use it.

Bring on the Water: More than likely you are quite well aware of all of the incredible benefits that water has to offer. Water helps to fill your stomach in a way that leaves it to make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. Water also aides in the process of digestion which allows your body to process and filter the nutrients that your body can actually use and get rid of the toxins that it does not need or simply can’t use. If you are trying to lose weight and stick with your healthy eating habits throughout the holiday season, water is most definitely going to be your best friend. Drink water… and then drink some more to help you stave off those unwanted pounds.

Let’s face it. The holiday’s can be excruciatingly tough on us, both mentally and physically. One of the best things that you can do for yourself during the holiday season is to plain and simply set aside some time for yourself. The more you can avoid stressful situations (often easier said than done), the more likely you are to be able to hit the holiday;s head on. And that of course includes holiday parties. If you attend them full of stress, you are more than likely going to end up using food as a coping mechanism to deal with your issues. THe more calm and clear-headed you can stay, the more likely you are to make wiser holiday food choices… no matter what your options may be.