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Our Mission

TheFitBay was created with one goal – to help you enjoy the full glow of health. Whether you’re looking to get rid of pain, recover faster or get in better shape, TheFitBay is your fastest, safest road to getting there. Simply put, your goals are our goals.

And since your health is at stake, we’re committed to an objective approach in every word we put before you. Our articles, guides, and product reviews are well-researched and evaluated by our editorial team before being presented to you.

We’re picky about our writers, and we’re looking for much more than fancy words put together in a correct order. Our team is made up of people who are passionate and proficient in the topics they blog about, whether it’s fitness, food, nutrition, supplements, or healing therapies. Here’s who they are:

Lacey Bourassa Vitamins, Supplements, Food
Lacey is our rockstar writer with a deep passion and expertise for anything health-related. Her specialty lies in writing well-researched articles on plant-based diet, vitamins and supplements among other topics. When she’s not behind the stove cooking up a delicious vegan meal, you’ll find Lacey exploring the beauties of Southern California.
Gleb Oleinik Fitness, Equipment, Supplements, Nutrition
Gleb’s is well-versed in the world of health, dietary supplements, cannabidiol (CBD) and fitness. He loves going through the latest medical publications in search of the newest breakthroughs before putting them on paper in plain language.
Vito Pauletic, BA Fitness, Wellbeing
A journalism graduate and a full-time fitness and wellbeing writer, Vito has a passion for providing readers with reliable and relatable content that makes a difference. He’ll leave no stone unturned in an aim to gather and present information that benefits those in need.
Briana Bennett Lifestyle, Nutrition
As a Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor, Briana knows how to inspire others to take control of their health by changing their nutrition and lifestyle choices. She’s been writing accurate, unique, and well-researched articles on holistic nutrition and personal development for a variety of reputable publications.

What Makes Us Unique?

What makes TheFitBay stand out from the rest is our focus. We often go off the traditional tangent to write about holistic approaches, alternative treatments such as traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine and related natural remedies that have been found to yield benefits.

There’s a lot of bad rap following these topics and we strive to clear the fog on current issues with relevant, research-backed insights that will help readers lead more fulfilled lives. We’re aware of the dubious information circling around, coming from ‘spiritual healers’ and ‘shamans’ of the sort. We’re not looking to misuse your interest, rather, we seek to inform you with pertinent, practical facts.

Most importantly, we’re under no control from outside sources. We publish on a range of topics, hiding nothing from our readers. Whichever ailment you may be facing, whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, our writers are here to help you choose what works for you. Here’s a little bit more about them:

David Heller Holistic Approach to Health
David has been researching health and methods to achieve full health recovery for more than two decades now. He is an enthusiast who has healed himself and is grateful to the people who he has had the honor of helping. Many years ago, he would have sacrificed basically everything to have the information he is giving to you here.
Mark Ranford Aromatherapy
After recovering from a chronic disease in 2010, Mark has been on a mission to share the many benefits a holistic approach to health brought him. A trained aromatherapist and a certified health coach, Mark particularly enjoys writing on herbal solutions that helped him regain control over his health.

Transforming Lives with Inversion Therapy

TheFitBay is also here to bring you the very best the world of inversion therapy has to offer. If you’re looking to make a 180-degree turn in your life, TheFitBay is the place be. You won’t find a more comprehensive source of inversion therapy and back pain treatment information anywhere else on the web. Guaranteed.

Our subject matter experts are here to provide you with the information that will turn your life around for the better – literally. We’re committed to providing you with reliable and relevant information from the industry as well as the newest, most exceptional products so that you can make a more informed purchase, should you choose to do so.

Whether you’re new to the practice or you’re a veteran invertee, we’ve got you covered. With us, inverting becomes a delight, not a chore. Take a minute to meet our inversion therapy experts:

Dr. Steven Griffin Back Pain Treatment Specialist
Thanks to his extensive experience in the field of physical therapy, Dr Griffin is fully qualified to impart expert insights that help people better manage debilitating conditions. He specializes in sport and orthopedic injuries as well as holistic recovery, continually educating patients on topics surrounding injuries, anatomy and physiology, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.
Emma Ivanova Physiotherapist
By collaborating with forerunners in the field and networking with experts at seminars, Emma is committed to deepening her understanding of inversion therapy and the effects it has on people’s minds and body.

Advertising Policy

Disclaimer: While TheFitBay receives a commission on the products sold through the page, all of the listed products are objectively reviewed and rated. Our audience keeps the website going by reading our content and making an informed decision to purchase a product through our affiliate link.

We DO NOT accept payments directly from the manufacturers. We DO NOT offer sponsored listings. But most importantly, we DO NOT have any bias towards the products. All of our expert reviews have been thoroughly curated from a neutral point of view. After all, we understand our readers value objectivity and fairness, and this has been reflected well in our business model.

If you still have any concerns about our advertising policy, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Marketing and Outreach

Katerina Weissova
If you're in contact with Katerina, you're definitely in good hands. Katerina is our marketing expert striving to make TheFitBay more accessible to readers from all corners of the web.

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