Unrefined Sea Salt: A Great Minerals Source

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Unrefined sea salt is amazing for our health, but due to the bad reputation that salt has in or day-to-day diets, many people avoid this excellent source of minerals. This article is here to change that. Unrefined salts are an important source of minerals that we need in our diets in order to stay healthy. We have put together ten of the minerals that are found in unrefined sea salt, which are the reasons why you need to add unrefined sea salt into your diet today.


mineral salt magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral in the body and offers you so many health benefits. In particular, magnesium helps to increase energy and relieve the symptoms of muscle issues such as aches and spasms.

As well as alleviating physical symptoms of illnesses and issues, magnesium can also help to regulate levels of calcium, potassium, sodium, and other minerals within the body to prevent osteoporosis and keep your heart, kidneys and liver healthy.

Magnesium is often removed from refined salt, and this can mean that you lose out on a lot of these health benefits if you choose refined salt versions. If you want to increase your levels of magnesium and get all of the benefits that magnesium can offer, then swap your refined salt for unrefined salt for a quick and easy boost.


Potassium is readily available in a lot of foods that we consume every day, especially in fruits from the citrus family and bananas, but a little-known source of this amazing mineral is in unrefined sea salt.

Potassium is one of the most important minerals that plays a role in preventing strokes, as it keeps brain function at a normal level and allows higher levels of oxygen to get to the brain. This boosts your brain function and keeps you better protected from strokes and other brain issues.

As well as brain health, potassium supports healthy bones and muscles, reducing muscle cramps and other muscle disorders by supporting and regulating muscle contractions and relaxations so that your muscles are much more neutral, improving your muscle connections and overall fitness and flexibility.

Potassium also supports and maintains proper blood sugar levels, which is very important for those who suffer from diabetes and other disorders that affect the blood sugar. Potassium also helps to reduce blood pressure, which also reduces the risk of heart attack and disease.

Potassium is a miracle mineral, and unrefined salt is a very easy way to add a little bit more into your diet.


calcium rich food

Calcium is so important in our diet and most people only associate it with healthy bones and teeth. In actual fact, calcium can help us to maintain an optimal body weight, reduce the risk of some cancers; control blood pressure; and keep our hearts healthy, as well as the benefits that it offers for our teeth and bones, keeping them strong and protected. Including calcium into your diet is incredibly important in gaining all of these benefits, and then some; and there are more ways to consume calcium than just by drinking milk and by eating cheese.

The best way to consume the mineral is through dairy products, but it is also very prevalent in unrefined sea salt. Calcium is usually removed from sea salt during the refining process, which removes a lot of the health benefits from the salt. Unrefined sea salt offers you all of the calcium and all of the flavour, which is especially great for those who need to find their calcium sources from other places if they don’t eat dairy products. Simply swapping refined salt for unrefined sea salt can give you all of the benefits of milk, without any of the dairy.


Sulphur is one of the most prominent minerals in the body, in fact, it’s number three. Sulphur is used in many different areas of the body in order to support healthy skin, muscles and bones, as it is used in protein synthesis when we process our foods so that our body can utilise the minerals and vitamins that we take in through our diet. As well as helping us to absorb proteins, sulphur detoxifies the body and release toxins, keeping you much healthier from a basic cellular level. Sulphur is also a great mineral to help with allergies and infections, as it naturally fights the reproduction of infections and blocks allergens.

Sulphur is prevalent in many different sources in nature, such as rainwater and seawater, and this makes it especially prevalent in sea salt. Sulphur is another mineral that usually gets taken out of a lot of refined salts, and this is why it is important to swap out your refined and machined salts for the natural, unrefined salt options that will offer you high levels of sulphur and an awful lot of health benefits that you most definitely want in your life.


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A healthy adult required 1000-1500 mg of sodium every day in order to stay healthy, and sodium offers some truly incredible health benefits that we can all use every single day. Sodium helps to support proper brain function, giving you more energy and better focus; keeps your heart healthy and maintains proper blood sugar levels; eliminates extra CO2 in the body and helps to alleviate muscle cramps and electrolyte imbalance. This helps you to stay alert throughout the day and keep your body working at its optimum and is one of the top reasons why you should seriously consider swapping refined salt for the natural and unrefined versions.


We hope that this article has helped you better understand why unrefined salts are the most important salts available. Salt has been saddled with a reputation of heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, but these issues are mainly associated with the machine-refined salts that are readily available on supermarket shelves. Swapping your refined salt with unrefined salt is the best way to get all of these minerals into your diet, and gaining all of the benefits that they have to offer.