5 Low Calorie Foods That Will Fill You Up

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The most common complaint that most nutritionists hear when dealing with new clients that are trying to better their eating lifestyle, is that their clients are always hungry!

If you have ever been on any kind of diet, especially the first few days, you’ll know what that feels like. Some of that hunger, however real it will feel, is basically your mind telling you that it doesn’t want what you’re giving it and it’s not satisfied with this new, healthier input. But of course, some (let’s be honest, most) of that hunger is actual, real hunger.

When on a diet, there are three different components that you need to mix into your day to day food and drink intake that will make your diet a successful one. Water, fiber and an ample amount of low-calorie protein can and should be integrated into your diet to not only match and meet your calorie requirement, but also be able to give you that full feeling you’ve been needing.

low calorie foods

Water is one of the most overlooked substances to dieting. Water not only has zero calories, it actually helps you lose weight! Thirst can also be confused for hungry and can help fill you up in the long run. If you are feeling like you are hungry, try drinking a glass or two and then judging again how you feel before you breach diet contract.

Fiber a low-calorie protein are included in most of these foods, which give it the characteristic of that full feeling. Moderation is key when dealing with these foods, but they are necessary in managing a satisfying feeling when on a diet.

So instead of thinking about giving up all hope in that your diet or new lifestyle will actually be satisfying, or actually cheating on your diet and eating “bad foods” until you’re full, we would like to introduce you to some options that won’t break your new nutrition, but won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Here are five low calorie food options that will fill you up:

1. Vegetables

Low Calorie Foods

Most vegetables actually require and burn more calories when being digested than they actually are worth. For instance, a cup of broccoli is 25 calories. But it takes your body 80 calories to digest that cup. So, in other words, reach for the vegetables, because not only are they great for you in every way, your total outtake is way more than your intake! Also, whoever heard of “too many vegetables”?

As green as you make it, the better. You can also try green shakes or smoothies for a healthy and full feeling. For instance, kale, collard greens and spinach are all green veggies that you can add into a smoothie that will be rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and will have you filled to the brim!

2. Beans, beans…

Low Calorie Foods

They’re good for your heart, the more you eat them… Well.

They are great for your diet, loaded with fiber for that full feeling and they actually contain antioxidants, nutrients, complex carbs and protein. This is not limited to black beans.

This means all kinds of legumes, ranging from chickpeas, red kidney beans, lentils, black-eyed peas (not associated with Fergie), and fava beans, just to name a few.

3. Whole Grains

These grains contain loads and loads of fiber. Oatmeal early on in the day or brown rice for lunch can leave you feeling full for the rest of your morning or afternoon. Make sure they are WHOLE grains, however and try your best to not go for seconds. Oatmeal is best when cooked with milk and paired with a glass of water to give you your satisfying feeling and pack you with fiber and energy.

Low Calorie Foods

4. Low-fat dairy

Making low-fat dairy products part of your every day diet can help you stay slim, full and happy. Instead of adding all that protein shake for a post-workout go-to, you can just grab a glass of fat-free chocolate milk, and you get most of the benefits without all the input of calories that a shake has! This dairy tip is also not just limited to milk. You can get your low-fat dairy in with cottage cheese, or yogurt. Pairing any of this with another snack can leave you feeling full. There’s a reason the milk gallon challenge is nearly impossible! Milk leaves you feeling very full!

5. Salad and soup

Though this might seem like such a no-brainer, if done correctly, it can ultimately lead to great results. For instance, eating a healthy (avoid the creamy ones) soup or a light/no dressing salad before a meal makes you feel full and therefore you are less likely to want to eat more during the actual meal. In other words, eating a salad or soup before actually eating the main course will curb your appetite. Not only is this great for your body in the long run, but if you are opting to eat out, this could also be extremely beneficial for your wallet! Plus, not finishing your meal means leftovers! And who doesn’t love leftovers?

Low Calorie Foods

In the long run, hunger has a lot to do with your blood sugar levels and that’s why most nutritionists suggest that you keep your meals small and you eat often. If you are always fueling your tank bit by bit, you are less likely to gorge out on a large meal by the end of the day because you are hungry.

These low calories options are great for not only snack time, but just small tips to implement on a daily basis for your regular food input. This will help you in the long run and small tips, such as drinking more water or pairing your snack with a glass of milk or drinkable yogurt are easy to do. Most people complain that diets are difficult and leave you hungry or dissatisfied, but following these tips can help your curb your appetite and manage your hungry in a healthy way.