The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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boost metabolism The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Time never seems to slow down as you get older. Nothing actually seems to slow dow, it seems like your kids are getting older, your grandkids are no longer babies, The bill for March seemed to show up right after February`s did, and the aging process just seems to get worse and worse with each passing year. One thing however, that actually DOES slow down when you DON`T want it to, is your metabolism.

If you remember any of the skinny minis in school or at work saying something to really annoy you would be the answer to the question: how DO you stay so fit?! After a shrug of the shoulders they would of course reply like its not a big thing, saying: I`ve just got a fast metabolism.

The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

If you feel like your inherited gene pool was far from the lottery and you blame your molasses speed metabolism for those extra pounds on your waist, we have some good news for you.

There are ACTUALLY things you can do to increase your metabolism and make it faster! In the long run, not only is a quicker metabolism beneficial for your body, it is also extremely beneficial if your goal is to lose weight or keep the weight off.

Here are some tips and tricks to boost your metabolism:

Eat breakfast!

This first kick start in your day with breakfast is very important so that your metabolism must work as well. Once it turns on, your metabolism, it will start to work all day. If you skip breakfast, your body will keep hold of whatever you have in you (as fat), because it won`t know the next time it will be receiving nutrition and food. Even if it is a small amount of breakfast, eat something in the morning (however it is preferable that it is nutritionally balanced).

The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Mind your nutrition.

Fish and Omega-3 are extremely beneficial to get your metabolism working faster. To get scientific on the reasons why, it boils down to a few facts. Omega-3 reduces inflammation and balances your levels of blood sugar. This will help your regulate your metabolism. It also is researched that Omega-3 help more of the leptin hormone through into your system. This hormone is used to burn faster, and your body naturally resists the hormone. The Omega-3 will reverse the resistance, making your body more susceptible to the hormone that speeds up metabolism.

Stick with protein.

This beneficial food group is all kinds of amazing when it comes to boosting your metabolism. For once, you will feel full for a longer time because protein digests really slowly. Since your body uses just around ten percent of the calories it takes in for the digesting process, the body will absorb more nutrients and actually use energy to do it. It`s a win-win for your body and your metabolism.

The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Strength Training

You can actually slow down age-related decrease in metabolic speed just by working out. Getting back in the gym and doing exercises for strength training can statistically reverse had of your already hindered metabolic processes. In other words, you can get up to fifty percent back of the speed you have already lost, just by lifting some weights and working out your muscles.


Just like the idea behind not cutting calories and eating breakfast, snacking is a way that your metabolism is forced to keep going. It will also curb your hunger so you are less likely to eat gargantuan amounts at mealtimes. There are also insulin spikes that happen when you are hungry, and it might get you to gorge or eat a lot just because of the amount of hunger you have.

Interval Training

This specific type training, where you go really fast or intense for short bursts of time can help train your body for developing faster metabolism. Your oxygen intake during these workouts will increase immensely and make your mitochondria work overtime to use it all up. This beneficial way of working out will help you burn more efficiently and get your body more used to burning throughout the day.

Green Tea

The green tea holds an ingredient called catechin. This element burns calories and helps your bod burn them more efficiently. The good news, especially if you love tea, is that by drinking five 8-oz. cups of green tea per day, you can actually increase your metabolism so that it burns 90 more calories every day. You also don’t necessarily have to drink it heated as well, cold works just as fine.

The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Stop Calorie Counting

The worse thing you can do to lose weigh is to cut too many calories out of your daily diet. Normally, cutting calories or eating less food will, if done seldom, just leave you feeling hungry—which is already uncomfortable. But if you cut calories on a regular basis, then this can actually have a reverse process on your goal to lose weight and actually bring yourself harder times for the future.

If your body is receiving too little calories, it will start saving up your energy and stop burning fat. Which in basic terms means that the fat will stay on your body and it will actually be harder to get off! This will also slow down your metabolism. Since there is no food to digest and distribute, the body will get used to how little you eat and will adjust your metabolism rates accordingly.

To avoid cutting too many calories, figure out your RHR, resting heart rate, which is how many calories you would burn if you were just lying around the entire day), then use that as a minimum. This will keep your metabolism moving enough where it will be used to having food in your system (FOR your system) and you wont be giving it too much as well.

We hope that these guided tips and tricks will help you boost your metabolism and get you on track to a healthy (and hopefully easier) future.