The 10 Ginseng Benefits You Must Know About

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ginseng health benefits The 10 Ginseng Benefits You Must Know About

Ginseng has been a widely used herb across Asia for thousands of years, and has been nicknamed “King of Herbs” as a result of the incredible benefits and health boosts that it can offer you. There are two key types of Ginseng: American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng, both of which will offer you all of the benefits of ginseng should you decide to incorporate it into your diet.

We think that ginseng is a miracle herb and that everyone should be taking it, especially those who struggle with added stress and low energy, as these are the two key areas that ginseng is known for improving. However, there are a huge number of benefits that ginseng can offer you, and this article has put together ten of the best benefits of ginseng. By the time you’ve finished reading we are sure that you’ll want to take it as much as we do.

Lowers Stress


Ginseng is best known for reducing your stress levels. It does this by lowering the amount of Cortisone within the body, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisone puts the body into a state of stress in high concentrations, which makes the body go into the fight or flight mode. By reducing the cortisone levels in the body, ginseng helps to reduce stress levels and helps us to maintain our busy and stressful day-to-day lives with a greater mental clarity and a higher mood.

Supports Immune Health

Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb, meaning that it can help to stimulate different areas of the body in different ways by adapting itself in relation to the area of the body. The primary adaption that ginseng takes on is reducing stress, but it can also help to stimulate and support a healthy immune system. Of course, you can do this with a daily dose of vitamin C, which like Ginseng helps to increase the number of white blood cells and antibodies that flow through the blood stream, helping to fight infections more readily. On top of that, ginseng also helps to increase blood flow, which increases antibodies to the effected areas.

Boosts Energy


Another one of the most well known features of ginseng is that it can massively boost your energy without the need of alternative stimulant such as caffeine. Another feature of Ginseng’s adaptogen qualities is that it can help to boost your energy levels, improve your mood and keep you alert. Experts say that just one cup a day can help you to really boost energy, lower fatigue and improve your concentration throughout the day.

Supports Higher Stamina Levels

A part from the energy boosting, ginseng can also help to support your stamina for a lot longer than usual. This makes ginseng popular with athletes and those who work nightshifts, as it keeps your concentration high and fatigue low, allowing you to keep going and working at your best.

Supports Sexual Health


Yet another of ginsengs adaptogenic properties, ginseng has been well documented to improve cases of impotency, as it boosts blood flow and has even been shown to increase sperm production. This increases your overall vitality and ensures safe and healthy sexual health. Although you should probably consult a doctor with any serious medical concerns as ginseng could potentially interfere with some prescription medications.

Supports Digestive Health

Ginseng was originally used to settle the stomach in Asian cultures. It has been known to help alleviate symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation, vomiting, indigestion and low appetite. So if you have on going stomach issues then ginseng is one of the best options to give you relief and keep your digestive system healthy.

Supports the Cardiovascular System


As I said before, ginseng is known for boosting blood flow and improving cardiovascular health. It does this by opening up blood vessels, inhibiting platelet aggregation and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. All of this combined gives you a heightened and healthier blood flow within the body and can even help to improve energy further. However, it should be noted that ginseng has been found to aggravate hypertension, so you should always consult with a physician before taking high levels of ginseng.

Lowers Cholesterol

By opening blood vessels and improving the blood flow, ginseng naturally deals with and maintains cholesterol levels, especially if cholesterol levels are high within the body. Many researchers have found ginsenosides to be the cause of this phenomenon, but are not completely sure on how the process occurs, only that it is another feature of the adaptogen properties that ginseng has.

Helps in Treating Diabetes Type 2


There has been a lot of evidence to show that ginseng can help to lower the sugar levels in the blood of type 2 diabetes sufferers by up to 60%. Long term effects of ginseng are still unknown, but the initial evidence of ginseng helping to treat type 2 diabetes is incredibly promising.

Could Prevent Cancerous Growths

The ginsenosides within ginseng are believed to help aid in fighting cancer as they slow down the progression of the cell cycle, and therefor the potential of the growth of cancer cells. Studies have shown that regular intake of ginseng gave you a much more reduced risk of cancer than those who did not regularly consume ginseng. Although, it is always important to consult with a doctor if you are thinking about taking any supplement in a higher and regular dosage than usual.


As you can see, ginseng is somewhat of a miracle herb, so it’s no wonder that it has been so popular in Asian culture for so long. With all of these incredible benefits, it is one of the best supplements out there for the busy worker or those with higher stress levels. If this has convinced you that ginseng is one of the best supplements out there, and we are sure that it has, then you should take a look at our reviews of the best ginseng supplements available and find out which option could suit you best.