Collagen: A super Supplement?

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collagen supplement Collagen: A super Supplement?

Most of these supplements on the market can actually be made by our body on their own, but sometimes, giving our bodies a bit of boost can’t hurt the process. For instance, most of the supplements and products use whatever the base is in our body and add a little bit more to it or add something to it that would react positively with whatever we already have.


Collagen is something that we already have in our skin. It is a natural component found in protein that is actually one of the foundation and setting stones for organs, cells and tissues. It is primarily found in your skin. This protein is mainly responsible for the elasticity and strength of our skin. Not only is it found on the organ outside of your body (yes! Your skin is an organ), but it is also found in bones, muscles and tissues of most organs.

This is where the problem comes in, and most of you women are very aware of it. Women produce less collagen than men and actually decreases production at about one percent every year. This means, that the older we get, the less collagen we produce, which takes a huge toll on our skin and on the natural aging process.

Not only do we (both men AND women) actually lose a lot of collagen just on our own, through the aging process, this protein can also be negatively affected by the sun, by what you put in your body: drugs, pollutants, cigarette, and basic nutrition and by just every day skin damage. Wrinkles, lines and sagging are all results of both aspects: natural aging (decrease of collagen) and outside factors.

Controversy lines not only the best and most valid supplements, but can also be found in the ones that seem to be most overlooked. Of course, coming in at maybe even one hundred dollars a bottle, collagen supplement prices welcome the most skeptical of critics in asking, what are the benefits of collagen supplements and do they actually work?


They have been known to help not only your skin, but also your hair and nails. Users have also found improvements in their overall eye health and studies have shown that there are levels of progression in their body’s protection against heart disease and stronger bones. Collagen is also responsible for helping balance hormones, such as tryptophan and improves your thyroid health.

Unfortunately there haven’t been many case studies so far, but here are some of the benefits found so far:

1. Lowers joint pains and degeneration of joints.


Collagen generally helps with the movements of our joints that glide. Once that collagen decreases, the joins have more difficulty moving about, and in comes pain and stiffness. More collagen in our system can help restore what has been reduced.
This also goes hand in hand with helping relieve arthritis pain. The collagen that makes contact with the cartilage tissue helps encourage extra cells to grow and eventually increases your joint mobility and decreases your pain.

2. Makes teeth, hair and nails stronger.

Breakage in hair and nails are usually caused by a lack of collagen in your system. Some of it can be strengthened by implementing a collagen supplement in your regimen. It can also actually regenerate hair that’s actually been lost.


3. Improves digestion.

The amino acid in the collagen protein help repair the digestive tract. It also contains a high level of amino acid glycine, which boosts production of stomach acid and this overall helps the digestion process. Most stomach problems can be traced back to having low amounts of acid in your stomach. Collagen can easily be added to a tea after eating large meals.

4. Collagen actually protects your heart.


It helps repair tissues in you arteries and virtually helps control your blood pressure.

This amino acid reduces the fat that builds up onto your artery walls. The fat is then released into the bloodstream and taken out of proximity to the heart. This overall reduces the fat accumulated around the heart.

These reactions in your blood vessels also helps improve circulation throughout your entire body. Once blood can transport nutrients easier, your skin actually improves and looks healthier.

5. Helps injuries heal.

Since it has a direct affect on connective tissue, collagen is actually needed when your body is trying to repair your injuries. These supplements can help give your muscle mass the boost it needs to regenerate and repair any damage as quickly as possible. This also accounts for not only large injuries, but just speeding up the healing of wounds in general. The collagen stimulates tissue formation and helps contract wounds.

6. Skin, in general.

Collagen is a natural supplement that helps keep the elasticity and firmness of our skin, which means the presence in our skin will help keep wrinkles and aging lines away. So of course, this supplement will increase the collagen in our body and help reduce these blemishes, making your skin softer and more supple.
It also helps with the appearance of cellulite. Reducing it, of course. The collagen helps your body repair the fibers that are broken from the fatty tissue that pushes upward on them, which results in the cellulite dimples on your skin.


Of course, supplements are not the only place that we can get collagen from. It is also found in foods that have high levels of protein, such as egg, fish, chicken and beef. You can get your collagen from bone broths and most animal products (sorry vegetarians). Though there is always the possibility to take collagen supplements to get in most of what you can, it is not completely necessary, we would just recommend it when you are looking for that extra reassurance you are doing everything you can to take care of your body.

Collagen supplements, however, can help add in and replenish whatever collagen we’ve already lost from the natural process of aging and other reasons. Adding more collagen to your daily intake and taking supplements can have so many benefits!