The Benefits of Drinking White Tea for Your Body and Mind

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benefits of drinking white tea The Benefits of Drinking White Tea for Your Body and Mind

Also associated with the upcoming winter months is the increase of tea consumption. Tea drinking, tea making, tea everything.

During the holidays, along with eggnog and hot cocoa, the increase of hot-drink consumption is so high that we thought we should make your choice as beneficial as possible on which choice of drink to go for. Your body loves tea and you love tea in the winter, therefore the decision should be obvious. Instead of just ingesting an ample amount of sugar in hot chocolate, or staying up all night from the insane amounts of Christmas coffee brewed, tea is the most nutritious and beneficial choice.

The best part of it is: tea is something that will keep you warm, make you feel at home and comfortable, without breaking the bank. It’s also great because you don’t need much to drink tea, just a mug and some hot water. (Sugar, honey, lemon slices are optional). The BEST part is, there are so many different types of tea! It’s one drink that is so nutritious and amazing for your body but will never run out of flavors, (though one might be your favorite that you always go back to).

Though there are so many varieties of tea to choose from, green, black, chamomile, etc., we’re going to pick out one in particular today to share with you. So when you’re cold or need some warmth in a mug that won’t give you a sugar or much of a caffeine rush, reach for a bag of white tea and your snuggie!

What is white tea:

The legend goes that white tea was specifically founded during the era of China’s Song Dynasty (a very long time ago). It was actually one of the most “royally chosen” types of teas and presented to the emperor at the time of the Song Tea Ceremony (sort of a really big deal). These white tea leaves were specially ground into a powder the color of silver and dissolved into the water for tea.


Though it has a come long way to what we know as white tea, the beginnings of this tea makes it unique and special, just as it is today.

drinking white tea

White tea is made from the Camellia sinensis, which is a plant that has a lot of polyphenols. These are known to make the difference in the taste and to provide and enrich the tea with the health benefits that it boasts.

Benefits of white tea:

Ironically enough, white tea is one of the least consumed teas available, yet it is one of the most beneficial for our health. Firstly, of all the different varieties,

  • White tea boasts the highest antioxidant levels. These protective nutrients fight the body of the free radicals that are harmful and in your system.

These free radicals can also be the source of aging of the skin, which means white tea can lessen your chances of developing wrinkles!

  • It is also a killer…of bacteria and viruses! It annihilates the plaque, tooth decay and bad breath so that you can also have an improvement in oral hygiene!

Since tea is so prevalent during those winter months, it is perfect for fighting against the common cold or even symptoms of HIV.

  • Some may go so far as to say that white tea can help prevent cancer.

Some of the antioxidants and properties of tea can stop the growth of cancer cell in your body and can even prevent your body from producing new ones.

  • White tea lowers blood pressure. It can be a blood thinner and grow the strength of your blood vessels. Along with bettering the function of your arteries, white tea is an overall protector against stroke.

This also results that the tea is an amazing protection overall for your heart, reducing the chances of suffering from a heart attack as well.

  • If you thought it couldn’t do any more, white tea also assists in increasing the good type of cholesterol while it diminishes the amount of the bad one in your system.
  • Encourages weight loss! What more can you need? Or better yet: What can white tea NOT do?!

It does the same thing to fat cells as it does to free radicals. Eliminates and breaks them down also while preventing new ones from developing!

  • Great for your bones. It increases its density. White tea also boasts effects that will lessen the symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Not only does white tea have amazing properties improving your physical health and body, it can also improve your life mentally.

Not only is having your hands wrapped around a hot mug of tea beneficial for the soul, white tea has these enhancements that effect some states of your mentality.

Mental Health Benefits:

  • Increases your concentration. The particular type of white tea has lots of L-theanine which is an amino acid that helps you focus more intently.
  • From the L-theanine, white tea also promotes relaxation and calms your anxiety.

Ironically, the combination of L-theanine and the caffeine produces an overall amazing and productive effect. Since the L-theanine calms you and helps you concentrate and the boost of caffeine causes alertness, this white tea can be even more productive for you on exam week or at the office than coffee!
Studies have also been done regarding the different teas available, and white tea is proven and tested to be the healthiest of them all.

  • It beats green tea when it comes to stopping the growth of bacteria and fighting germs overall.
  • It also contains the least amount of caffeine of all three, which means it is perfect right before bed and is the least likely to keep you up at night.

tea and mental health

Though tea was developed hundreds of years ago and the forms and “recipes” have changed, this still remains a fact: White tea beats the other teas in an overall mental- physical- prevention of cancer- battling bacteria- types of ways that it should be a no-brainer which type to reach for on the next cold night.