11 things it’s best to buy Organic!

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In a growing era where the need for fruits and vegetables is at its highest, farmers and production companies tend to look towards alternative that will help them produce crops faster and larger. These alternatives are not only unhealthy but also harmful upon consumption. Use of pesticides to kill insects that ruin crops is wide spread. Many times, the pesticide can be washed off, however, more often than not pesticides end up being consumed and causing great harm.

Organic fruits and vegetables in comparison are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms etc. This method is also applied to animals that are to be used later as poultry, meat, eggs or even dairy. They are cared for without giving them growth hormones or antibiotics that usually get passed on to humans who consume them. Here are the things it’s best to buy organic:

So, which things it’s best to buy organic form?


things it’s best to buy Organic

Surprising? No. The fruit that has every benefit out there (an apple a day keeps the doctor away!) Not to mention the countless vitamins apple alone contain; vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and even fibers. However, the sad truth, which a quick search will show you, is that apples are the most common fruit to get affected by these pesticides or fertilizers. Research showed that 99% of apples tested at least contained one form of pesticide. It is hence best to wash your apples before consumption, better yet, switch to organic.


You can count other berries like blueberries (they can carry up to 50 different pesticides!) in the same category. Although strawberries are delicious and carry a host of nutrients, research has showed that they can carry up to 13 different pesticides. What’s worse is that they have a larger surface area (all those tiny seeds and the fleshy bit) which makes it incredibly difficult to wash off pesticide from those areas. Hence, it’s best to buy organic strawberries that will get rid of this headache.


things it’s best to buy Organic

This may come as a surprise to many but grapes are actually quite high up there on the list! Despite their wide variety and multiple benefits (ever tried adding grapes to your salad or used them as a healthy snack?), they can carry 15 different pesticides in a single test! According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) these 15 pesticides are incredibly harmful for the body. For this reason, it is best to wash your grapes thoroughly or switch to organic.


This might not be much of a news to most people since celery is a marshland plant but it still can be quite dangerous when not ingested organic. Studies indicate the when celery was tested, it showed a whopping 64 different types of pesticides on it. Even though celery can be quite beneficial and be a good source of vitamin C and fiber, it’s okay to purchase slightly more pricey organic celery.


This fruit contains various vitamins and minerals that work wonders for the eyes and skin, however, the USDA pesticide data program indicated that they found 33 different types of pesticides on nectarines and 97% of the nectarines tested positive! Since the statistics are so high, it is best to go organic.


things it’s best to buy Organic

This one is kind of obvious since it is common knowledge that animals are injected with antibiotics and hormones to increase milk production to satisfy demands. It probably for this reason that you can now find quite a few brands of organic milk out there as people are now aware and go out of their ways to purchase it.


This applies to any type of meat that you consume. Poultry, beef pork etc. Its best to find organic meat and animals are injected with hormones to increase their size in a small period of time to be able to provide more meat. Instead of putting your body and health at risk, purchase organic meat and keep your body healthy.


things it’s best to buy Organic

This vegetable ranked on EWG’s report as one of the dirtiest vegetables. It’s always best to peel the skin and wash the wax away before using a cucumber if you can’t find organic. However, most vegetable aisles or markets carry organic cucumbers so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Ranked just below the cucumber on the dirty vegetable list, its best to organic with this one. Whether using it for salads or in curry’s, no amount of washing will wash away the high number of pesticides found on this vegetable.


Another root vegetable and down there in the ground, potatoes are a great source of different vitamins and fibers. Studies indicate that potatoes carry more pesticides by weight than any other type of fruit or vegetable.


things it’s best to buy Organic

Lastly, let’s not forget spinach. In fact, not just spinach but other leafy greens (did you read how rich they are in Vitamin E?) are ridden with pesticides. Due to their large surface are, leafy greens like spinach, kale, green collars or lettuce carry high numbers of pesticides. Found at reasonable prices, it’s best to go organic with these.