How to Remove Microbladed Eyebrows

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Eyebrow Correction How to Remove Microbladed Eyebrows

Applying makeup in the morning before going to work can be such a hassle sometimes. Drawing perfect eyebrows is the most time-consuming, but can also not be ignored, as well-shaped eyebrows define your face and enhance your beauty. All of us want to wake up effortlessly dolled up in the morning. Luckily, it is possible. How? The answer is semi-permanent makeup!

For eyebrows, there is a technique called “microblading”. It is like drawing a semi-permanent tattoo on your brows to define and fill them in, giving them a perfect shape that suits your face. Microblading works by creating soft strokes of dark-coloured pigment on your brows using a hand-held instrument. It gives realistic result as it is done very precisely. However, just like other permanent tattoo disasters, microblading can go wrong.

Microblading tends to fade away on its own within 6-12 months if done superficially. However, if the pigment is inserted in a deeper level in the dermis, it will just not fade away easily. It will remain for a long period just as a bad tattoo never fades away. It is better to make sure you want to have your eyebrows microbladed as it can make or break your entire look.

There could be many reasons why you want to remove your microblading. It might not suit you. It might be poorly done. It also might not look even. You don’t want to have to wait a long time for them to fade naturally, as having unattractive brows can negatively impact your appearance and affect your self-esteem.

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Luckily, microblading is reversible. Many treatments remove microblading efficiently. These treatments come with their advantages or disadvantages. You must think this through before having a microblading removal treatment done. Do you really need it? Is there no chance your current eyebrows will look good if you wait for them to settle a bit? Are your new eyebrows looking awful? Can you not bear to look at your face in the mirror? If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” then you should go for a microblading removal treatment that meet your needs.

We will discuss the ways you can get rid of your poorly done semi-permanent brows. Learn more about the processes below:

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is the most popular treatment to get rid of poorly drawn semi-permanent eyebrows. It works efficiently and quickly as it penetrates the deeper layer of the skin. However, it tends to be quite expensive.

Young Woman Undergoing Laser Removal Of Eyebrow


The process starts with applying a numbing cream or spray to your eyebrows and covering your eyes by an eye shield for safety purposes. After that, the microbladed area of the brows is subjected to beams from a hand-held laser machine. The laser turns the areas it touches white, making the pigments fade away. It also makes your natural brow hair white, which is temporary. At the end, the area subjected to laser treatment is covered with an antibiotic ointment to relieve pain and swelling. The treatment takes 1-5 sessions, depending on the condition of your brows and the shade of pigment used for microblading.


The aftercare of the laser microblading removal is very important to follow. You can expect your skin to be swollen to a degree or experience some bleeding as well. The swelling subsides after a few hours and the skin starts to look and feel better in about two weeks. Leave the area subjected to laser treatment alone while it heals. You should not expose it to sun or try to touch or scratch it. It must not be exposed to water for 2-3 days. Make sure not to sleep on your face as it can irritate the treated skin. The skin should also not be subjected to any makeup/skincare products as they can cause irritation as well. It is better to let your skin heal on its own after getting this treatment done.

Common Misconception about Laser Eyebrow Microblading Removal

There is a misconception about laser tattoo removal that it also removes your natural hair. The lasers used for hair removal are different from the ones used for tattoo removal. In addition, the laser needs to remain on the skin for a longer period of time in order to remove hair and reach deeper into the hair follicles. For tattoo removal, the laser does not stay on the skin for long as the pigment is removed quickly. Even if a laser treatment ends up removing some of the natural hair, it is not permanent. The hair will eventually grow back.

Another misconception about the laser treatment is that it leaves a scar and causes excess bleeding. Laser tattoo removal method never leaves a scar. A pre-existing scar is often misunderstood as a scar left by laser treatment. The pigment covers up the pre-existing scar left during microblading and when it fades away, the scar is visible. There is also pinpoint bleeding. It is not much, as it is usually inside the epidermis.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Laser Eyebrow Microblading Removal Done

Though laser microblading removal might sound convenient, if not done by a trained and certified aesthetician, it can lead to permanent skin damage. You should consider the following before getting a laser treatment done:

  • You should never rush to get your brows removed immediately after getting them microbladed. It is better to wait for a week or two before getting the treatment done. Exposing your skin so soon to other harsh treatment can lead to permanent skin damage and scarring.
  • You should always go to a trained and certified aesthetician for getting these treatments done. Well-reputed aestheticians have all the appropriate equipment on-hand. Never visit an unauthorised doctor or aesthetician because they could ruin your skin or even your eyes, as they would not make your safety the first priority.
  • It is better not to trim or shave your eyebrows before getting the treatment done as it can lead to skin sensitivity and irritation.
  • You must not be wearing any kind of foundation, sunscreen or cream before your appointment because the aesthetician would not be able to analyse the condition of your skin. Therefore, you must be bare-faced when having laser microblading removal.
  • You must inform your aesthetician if you have any allergies. This will help him/her plan the treatment according to the sensitivity of your skin, minimizing damage.


Microneedling is another procedure to get rid of your semi-permanent eyebrows. It is a cheaper alternative to laser treatment.


The treatment starts with an aesthetician applying a numbing cream to your eyebrows. After that, he/she uses a pen-like instrument and starts running it over your skin. This instrument has many small needles. The needles are used to prick the skin. The pricked skin reacts by making new collagen to replace the lost collagen, which in turn will remove the pigment from the skin under your brows. The blood and the pigment are cleaned away throughout the treatment. The treatment takes 2-6 weeks depending on the darkness of the pigment or ink used for microblading. The results of this treatment are quite satisfactory.


Microneedling treatment requires a little aftercare. The process can be a bit uncomfortable as the skin is constantly being pricked. After the treatment is completed, the skin feels dry, sensitive and sunburned. You must not expose your skin to direct sunlight for about 24 hours. The use of skincare products with alpha- and beta-hydroxyl acids and vitamins should also be avoided for at least three days. You must also keep your brow area clean to avoid bacterial infections. The skin should also not be exposed to water for at least two days.

Common Misconceptions about Microneedling

There is a huge misconception about microneedling that the procedure is very painful. That is not the case It does sting a bit but that is just because the numerous small needles are pricking your skin throughout the treatment and there is a little bleeding as well. But that’s about it. The uncomfortable sensation goes away as soon as the treatment is done.

Another common misconception about microneedling is that it creates holes in your skin. The pen-like instrument has hundreds of little needles that prick the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. It creates microscopic injuries that are not visible to the naked eye and are controlled. Therefore, this misconception about microneedling is false.

Things to Consider Before Getting Microneedling Treatment Done for Microblading Removal

Microneedling can be quite efficient when it comes to microblading removal, but like any procedure, has its own downfalls. If done using the proper technique,, it can give amazing results. You should consider following things before getting this treatment done:

  • Always see a board-approved aesthetician for your treatments as they have the right tools for your needs and care about your safety as well.
  • Unlike laser treatment, microneedling creates micro-injuries on your skin to boost the production of collagen, which in turn makes the pigment which has penetrated the skin to come off. However, it may not always work. Therefore, talk to your aesthetician before having this treatment.
  • Always wait for 1-2 weeks to get another treatment done following your microblading. The faded pigment comes off more easily.

Saline Treatment

Saline treatment works exactly like any other permanent makeup application procedure but the instead of pigment or ink, it uses a saline solution.

Eyebrow Correction In Salon


The saline removal treatment is always done by a certified professional. A saline solution is injected over the area where microblading is done. The solution will lift the pigment and form a scab on top of the skin, which will eventually fall off. There will be no bleeding or rashes whatsoever. The pigment will fade quite efficiently after this treatment. It can be removed completely after one session or may require more sessions depending on the darkness of the pigment on your brows.


Unlike laser tattoo removal or microneedling, the saline solution treatment does not require much after care. All you have to do is to let your skin breathe by removing the gauze from your eyebrows at least 30 minutes after getting the treatment done. Avoid wetting the area until a scab forms and falls off on its own. When the scab falls off naturally, start applying a medicated vitamin E cream or oil on the skin. The skin will start healing within three weeks after getting the treatment done and by the fourth week, it will heal fully.

Common Misconception about the Saline Solution Treatment

One of the most common misconception about saline solution treatment is that it leaves a scar. A saline solution treatment, unlike laser treatment or microneedling, does not damage the skin. It just creates a scab that falls off naturally and heals over the course of time. It does not leave a scar as it does not pierce, cut or irritate the skin. It is a much safer method than the other ones.

Things to Consider Before Getting Saline Solution Treatment Done

Saline solution is the cheapest and the most convenient method to fade away microblading. It is not painful at all, just a little uncomfortable. However, it should be kept it mind that the results are not instantaneous. You have to be patient with this treatment, as it requires 5-6 sessions to get the desired results.

It should also be kept it mind that there will be a little bruising during the treatment. The skin of the treated area will also be a little sensitive for a few days. After that, you should expect fading of the pigment but not complete removal. It will become lighter and then eventually disappear in a few months.

The Side Effects and Dangers of Removing Eyebrow Tattoo at Home

While it may sound convenient to remove eyebrow tattoos at home, it can be quite dangerous and lead to serious infections and permanent skin damage. The products that you find at home are not strong enough to fade the tattoo pigments or to remove them permanently and are not medicated. You will end up with infections if you try to remove microblading at home using common household ingredients. We have listed below a number of DIY methods that people tend to try at home and have mentioned why they do not work.

  • 1. LemonLemon is known for its strong acidic properties and skin lightening effects. It does lighten the skin tone but requires a lot of time as well as care. Due to its high acidity, lemon tends to create rashes and irritates the skin and that is why it will not work with fading the eyebrow tattoo.
  • 2. Tattoo removing creamsThere are tons of tattoo removing creams available online. However, they are not approved by FDA as they lack clinical evidence and tend to cause infections and irritation.
  • 3. Glycolic and salicylic acidsGlycolic and salicylic acids are common exfoliating agents. They tend to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. However, they only work on the upper layer of the skin and cannot penetrate the deeper layers. That is why they fail to remove the pigments of a tattoo.
  • 4. BleachBleach is known for its colour fading properties. Bleach should not be used to fade away an eyebrow tattoo as it tends to irritate and burn the skin and can even cause adverse reactions if it comes in contact with the tattoo pigment, causing permanent damage to your skin.
  • 5. Aloe vera, yogurt and honey.All of these products are known for their skin lightening effects. Though not harmful, these products do not remove pigments at all. Therefore, it is a myth spread online that they will help with the semi-permanent microblading removal.
  • 6. SaltIt is a myth that rubbing salt on your tattoos or permanent makeup will make them fade away. Salt can be very dangerous to skin as it causes scarring and painful rashes. It affects only the upper layer of the skin and cannot reach the pigment inside. Therefore, rubbing salt on the skin to get rid of tattoos or permanent makeup is a huge fail.


We all agree that permanent makeup sounds convenient and amazing. However, if done wrong, it can be such a pain. For microblading removal, you can refer to the above-mentioned treatments and procedures that suit your condition the most. Of course, these treatments are going to be expensive as well as uncomfortable for some people. However, if you do not want your permanent but poorly done eyebrows to disturb your self-esteem, you should definitely look into these microblading removal procedures in order to get your confidence back.