Medication-Free Options To Treat Your Back Pain

treat back pain without medication Medication-Free Options To Treat Your Back Pain

If you are like most and you suffer from some sort of back pain, just know that you are not alone. Though there are hundreds of thousands of options available ranging from chiropractors to medications, your release from back pain does not have to be limited to lab-made procedures and drugs.

There are natural resources, untreated methods and un-tampered with processes that won’t have you succumbing to over-the-counter and possibly addicting pills that might get you a temporary relief to your chronic back pain.

Most of the research related to finding other methods and what proves to be more beneficial towards relieving back pain is often found in types of therapy that focuses on using your own movements and power to redirect and guide the pain away.


These two initials are related to types of mind-therapy that really focuses on moving the pain away. For instance, MBSR stands for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Overall, this is an exercise and theme that encompasses placing your focus on the moment rather than the pain and therefore trying to push your thoughts away from the area of the back pain. This method includes yoga or any form of mindfulness meditation, this can be practiced, regardless of skill level, flexibility, or your ability to sit still for a long time. There are many different forms of meditation, poses in yoga and opportunities for you to engage yourself in this practice so that you can try and relieve yourself of back pain without medication.

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Instead of yoga- or meditation-based, this type of therapy redirects any thoughts or behaviors that are pain-related to elsewhere. This is strictly a mind therapy (hence the word “cognitive”).

There are several studies, practices, research findings and actual testimonies that show that engaging your imagination is a great way to rid yourself of pain. According to neuroscience, it is possible that these findings are quite scientific. Here is a breakdown of an explanation:

Short pain/Acute pain are usually connected to the points of the brain that are involved in tissue damage. However this chronic pain that you are dealing with in your back are mostly connected to the prefrontal cortex and limbic system. These parts of your brain are used for memories and have a strong emotional connection. That is why there might actually be pain even when your tissues are healed. The idea behind cognitive therapy is creating NEW passageways for this part of your brain so that they can get away from the pain-related ones.

This scientific approach to back pain, but not just using science to find a medical cure, is a renovating, innovative and natural way that shows the world isn’t always just falling back on the uses of medication to heal or solve everything. This is a great look up from what we generally hear.

Most experts who advice to stray away from painkillers and medication say it’s mainly because it doesn’t actually take the pain away. These drugs, opioids/narcotics are mitigators. They just cover up the pain temporarily. Eventually, these medications can lead to addiction, which might even be worse than the actual back pain. An addiction can lead to overdose as well.


There are also other “medicated” procedures, such as nerve-block numbing injections, such as cortisone or even more invasive operations, such as implanting devices that deliver the anesthetics to numb the pain straight to the spine. Though the thought of these aren’t painstakingly expensive and intrusive enough, there are also options that some people take in having actual SURGERY. Surgeries like spinal decompression or disc replacement may be essentially necessary, but really, only then should they be performed.

There are several other ways or advices that are given to try and get rid of back pain. For instance usually a combination found within the realm of physical reconditioning is most effective. This means and resorts to physical therapy, stretching exercises and actual weight lifting. Of course, each person and case is different, so your solution might not be the same as someone else’s and it might actually be a combination of many.

Weight Loss

Some doctors advice weight loss as a solution. Not that you need to go on a binge diet, but to gradually rid your joints of any extra weight that they need to carry will help your back and your body in general. Keeping active and being able to complete movements are really necessary to be able to fight against and defeat back pain.

The idea of chronic pain is what really draws people on the edge of heading for the over the counter medications, or worse. The idea that they deal with this pain on a regular and daily basis makes them believe that medication is the only option. However just like there seems to be back pain on a daily basis, finding a solution and trying to get to a pain free place in your life is also a daily procedure.

Most of these methods need to be taken or done on a daily basis to see the effect. Not only are these procedures beneficial for your chronic back pain, they are also great for you as well in general. There are so many positive associations related back to yoga, meditation and cognitive therapy. Focusing on the moment, on breathing and on flexibility are overall great health practices to live a better life and lead a healthier lifestyle. Plus, the less weight you stress on your joints normally also means that your cholesterol levels will be lower, your arteries will be clearer and overall, your body will be healthier.

There is no wrong away to non-medically treat back pain, so try and find the best method for you. Of course remember that it is possible that you might need a combination of these practices on a DAILY basis. But a little commitment and discipline to complete them, might save you some pain in the long run.

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