Teeter EP-960 & EP-960 Ltd.

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Teeter EP-960 & EP-960 Ltd. Review Facts

Thanks to the solid and stable frame, comfortable ankle holder, unique backrest with integrated handles, wide range of settings, and many premium features, the Teeter EP-960 and EP-960 Ltd. offer the best way to achieve spine decompression and how to get the most benefit from inversion therapy.

Both EP-960 and EP-960 Ltd. are some of the best products on the market. This the best inversion table, EP-960 by Teeter, is even FDA registered and has also been awarded a prestigious quality certificate for the independent testing of inversion tables.

Excellent quality and premium features, however, are priced accordingly – and in the case of Teeter, the price is high. Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) inversion tables are significantly more expensive than the tables of other manufacturers. However, for your money, you will get a top-of-the-line product that you are simply not able to buy from competing brands.

EP-960 vs EP-960 Ltd.

Both models of inversion tables differ from one another by their standard accessories. The EP-960 Ltd. version also includes two premium features – Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes.

The Lumbar Bridge, or lumbar pad, improves support for the lower back during exercise. Acupressure Nodes are 4 sets of 2 nodes in a range of heights for varied intensity and customized pressure point therapy to help to better release tension and relieve muscle discomfort.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for the best inversion table, then the Teeter EP-960 Ltd. is exactly what you are looking for.

  • Premium features
  • Excellent ankle holder
  • Solid and long handles
  • Unique backrest integrated handles
  • Great inversion table stability
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy assembly
  • FDA registered
  • The third-party certified for quality
  • High price
  • The cushioned backrest pad is not a standard package component 
User Experience

User Experience

Let's start with the most important thing – what is the exercise on the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) inversion table like.

Due to the price of this inversion table, at the beginning of our testing, we expected a great experience, and Teeter fulfilled our expectations. Without any hesitation!

The correct position for the workout on this table can be found by every user, as the range of settings for the ankle holder, lumbar pad, Acupressure Nodes, and the head pillow are unrivaled. Exercising on an inversion table that's set precisely for you is a great feeling.

You can move into the inversion position by moving your hand (hands) upwards and behind your head. The table responds immediately and predictably to a change in body weight distribution, smoothly changing the inversion angle. The table stands firmly and steadily at any level of inversion. This makes you feel safe and secure during the inversion therapy.

Once you have reached the desired level of inversion, the table stops. You can either relax in your position or carry out a series of stretching or strengthening exercises.

This table is equipped with various types of handles such as extra long handles, traction handles, backrest integrated handles, or frame integrated handle. Thanks to these handles, you can perform a much wider range of exercises than on inversion tables of other producers, and you will be able to perform exercises so much more easily and efficiently.

When stretching on the inversion table, you can usually move and rotate to the sides. Your movement may change the weight distribution of the body and thus move the table – but that is perfectly fine. If you're starting with inversion therapy, it might surprise you a little. But don’t worry, you can always grab the long and bulky handles that are firmly bolted to the base frame. You can always rely on these handles. They are here for your safety and provide real security and support during exercise.

Teeter EP-960 - Handles

The table even lets you go several degrees further than a full inversion position, where it stops on the base frame. Even in this position when you hang head down, the table is perfectly stable. This is the ideal position to strengthen your abdominal muscles when you pull your chest towards your thighs and then you go back to the vertical position – great exercise for advanced users, recommended!

For model version EP-960 Ltd. you can enrich the inversion therapy by using Acupressure Nodes. Use these nodes at varying heights wherever you want to, for example, to relax muscular tension more intensely. Exact instructions on what type of nodes to use and where exactly to place them on the backrest do not exist. Use Acupressure Nodes to your current needs. If the selected node type doesn´t suit you, try another one. You need to gradually try different node heights to get a bit of experience with this feature.

Testing has shown that exercising on the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) inversion table is great, so we have to award the full range of points.



Models EP-960 and EP-960 Ltd. are splendidly equipped inversion tables. Let's now take a closer look at the different features these tables offer.

The Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is equipped with several types of handles. These are:

  • long and bulky handles that are firmly bolted onto the table frame
  • traction handles
  • base frame integrated handle
  • three unique integrated handles in the top of the backrest

All these handles are here for your safety and security during exercise. Thanks to them, you can practice a much wider range of stretching and strengthening exercises than on the inversion tables of competing manufacturers.

The ankle holder with extended locking mechanism makes it easy to get in and get off. This ankle holder also offers excellent setup options, great comfort for your legs, and mainly provides great support for your legs during inversion, making you feel safe and secure at any level of inversion.

The backrest is an integral part of every inversion table. However, with Teeter, it is so specific that we have to include it in the "Features" category. The backrest is not padded like on a number of competitive tables, which can be found in our comparison of the best inversion tables on the market, but it is made of a flexible and comfortable soft plastic. This solution provides unique options for setting up additional features such as Acupressure Nodes, Lumbar Bridge and head pillow. Thanks to this, the inversion table can be set by each user exactly according to his needs. In addition, you will find the three integrated handles in the top part of the backrest.

Teeter EP-960 - Backrest

For the EP-960 Ltd. model range, the inversion table contains, along with other premium features – Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes.

The Lumbar Bridge, or lumbar pad, offers a wide range of settings and provides support for the lower back.

Teeter EP-960 - Lumbar Bridge

Acupressure Nodes are 4 sets of 2 nodes in a range of heights for varied intensity and customized pressure point therapy to release tension, stimulate circulation and relieve muscle discomfort. These special nodes can be set up arbitrarily on the backrest and even on the lumbar pad. Installation is simple, it only takes few seconds. These Acupressure Nodes are unique in the market and are available only with the Teeter brand.

Teeter EP-960 - Backrest and Acupressure Nodes

We award the features provided by the Teeter producer with a full score. In this respect, other manufacturers are simply not good enough for the Teeter. In addition, Teeter goes the extra mile and offers further accessories which can be purchased additionally for its tables – for example, a backrest cushioned pad, or a backrest pad with a massage function.

Ankle Holding System

Ankle Holding System

The ankle holder is equipped with an extended locking mechanism, which will be especially appreciated by people with limited mobility, or older people, because they do not have to lean as much to set the optimal position.

We greatly praise the fact this ankle holder offers a wide range and setting options. Thanks to this, each user can find the optimal foot position.

We also greatly praise the large, sturdy, ergonomic U-shaped foot holders that are equipped with massive padding. The padding is soft and very pleasant to the touch. The padding provides not only great comfort for your legs, but also a firm legs fixation for your safety and absolute security during exercise.

Teeter EP-960 - Ankle Holder

The Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) ankle holder is great and undoubtedly belongs among the most comfortable ankle holders on the market.

Inversion Range

Inversion Range

You can set the maximum inversion angle you wish to achieve when exercising on the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) using a safety strap. The length of the strap is easily adjustable and reducing the length of the strap decreases, and vice versa increases the maximum inversion angle.

Setting a maximum inversion angle with a strap generally has one disadvantage – you just do not know how big of an angle you have set. We greatly praise Teeter for how cleverly they have resolved this problem. There are three differently coloured stripes on the safety strap, each color representing a certain inversion angle:

  • green stripe indicates a 20 degree inversion
  • orange stripe indicates a 40 degree inversion
  • red stripe indicates a 60 degree inversion
Teeter EP-960 - Safety Strap

By disconnecting the strap from the backrest, the inversion table allows you to achieve not only the full inversion, but also a postion of several degrees above the full inversion. Thanks to that, you can enjoy completely hanging upside down without the backrest support. And the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) inversion table also opens up new stretching and strengthening exercise options.

Safety & Stability

Safety & Stability

The stability and safety of the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is clearly one of the main advantages of this inversion table. Thanks to a robust steel base frame and anti-slip plastic caps, the table is stable at any level of inversion, so you feel really safe during the exercise.

The ankle support also contributes to your safety, providing perfect support and comfort for your legs. The robust, long and bulky handles can be relied upon in any situation, which also contribute to a greater sense of security and safety.

The overall safety of this inversion table is further underlined by the fact that the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is an FDA registered medical device.



Unlike a number of competitive inversion tables on the market, the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is not equipped with a padded backrest. The backrest is made of a flexible and comfortable to touch plastic. The backrest is by no means uncomfortable, or overly hard, but competitive inversion tables such as IRONMAN Gravity 4000 or Innova ITX9600, which are equipped with a padded backrest, offer a higher level of comfort for your back.

Teeter’s producer is aware of limited comfort. Therefore, it offers the possibility to purchase a padded mat for the backrest. However, due to the high price of EP-960 (Ltd.), we would expect the padded mat to be delivered with the standard package.

On the other hand, we greatly praise the comfort and convenience offered by the head pillow and the ankle holder. Padding of these components can be an example for competing manufacturers.

Teeter EP-960 - Headrest
Foldability & Storage

Foldability & Storage

The Teeter model series EP-960 (Ltd.) significantly outperforms its competitors even in the possibility of folding for easier storage. This table in the storage position occupies much less storage space than other inversion tables on the market. Thanks to this, Teeter easily fits not only into the corner of the room or next to the wardrobe, but also inside the wardrobe, or alternatively under the bed.

What the Teeter looks like in a folded position can be seen in the picture below:

Teeter EP-960 - Folded Position

Teeter in this position stands really stable. There is no danger of falling, shifting, or spontaneous movement of the inversion table into the room.

In the storage position, the table height is only 64.17 in. (163 cm), which you will not only appreciate when storing but also when handling the inversion table because the table is easier to fit through the door – e.g. when moving the table between rooms.

Materials Quality

Materials Quality

You can see at a first glance that the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is clearly among the top products in the inversion table market. The quality of the materials used and the quality of the processing of all parts is perfect. The Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is, let say, a Mercedes-Benz amongst inversion tables.

Teeter EP-960 - Left Upper View

The metal frame is robust and stable. The welds on the metal construction are nothing to criticize and the painting is precise.

Handles are also of robust metal construction. Impeccable painting is obvious. Compared to competitive tables, the handles are much larger – they have a larger diameter. For example, when you catch them during a 60-degree inversion, you can feel the utmost certainty and support the handles offer.

We also praise workshop processing of the backrest metal frame. You will find precise welding and painting even here.

We also praise the quality of the backrest frame itself. The backrest is made of plastic and has a lot of small openings. Thanks to these openings, you have an inexhaustible amount of setting and customization of the inversion table to suit your needs. In some holes, you can attach the head pillow, then Acupressure Nodes or Lumbar Bridge to others. The upper part of the backrest is further reinforced by metal reinforcements, which further enhances support for your upper body and head.

Teeter EP-960 - Backrest with Integrated Handles

The quality and detailing can be also seen at the head pillow processing. It is soft and very pleasant. The seams are precise and it fastens to the inversion table in seconds with a velcro fastener.

Another interesting and practical detail is part of the frame, which is being leaned on by a height adjustment tube. This part is covered with a strong protective material that greatly reduces the impact of the tube to the frame when returning from the inversion to the starting position. Thanks to this handy detail, mechanical components are not damaged.

The fact that you have the top product on the market can be identified by the workmanship and the materials used for the ankle holder. The ergonomic ankle holder is equipped with a high-quality and massive padding that is soft, comfortable and provides perfect comfort for your legs.

Teeter EP-960 - Ankle Holding System

For the EP-960 Ltd. version, Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes are also included. The Lumbar Bridge is made of the same plastic as the backrest. The workmanship is precise, you will not find any sharp edges or other defects. Acupressure Nodes are also made out of plastic and we have not been able to discover a single problem with this accessory.

Teeter has even been awarded a prestigious quality certificate for independent inversion table testing.

Overall, Teeter surpasses its competitors in the quality of the materials used and in the quality of the workmanship by the difference of several classes. But high quality is also reflected in the high price of the product.

User Capacity

User Capacity

The Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) is designed for users measuring between 4 ft. 8 in. (142.2 cm) to 6 ft. 6 in. (198 cm) and weigh a maximum of 300 lbs (136 kg).

When selecting an inversion table, it is also important to consider the table width between the metal mounts, where the backrest attaches to the frame. This is the narrowest space of the inversion table, into which you have to "fit" comfortably to feel good during exercise and enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy in full.

The Teeter width in this part is 18.11 in. (46 cm), which is absolutely sufficient for a comfortable fit for most of the users. However, if you have a stout or really robust figure, we recommend you take a look at the competitive IRONMAN Gravity 4000 inversion table because it offers a little more space for your body in this very part of the table.



Now let's take a look at our measurements of Teeter dimensions in three different table positions during our testing.

Position no. 1: Inversion table is ready for exercise

  • Length: 52.76 – 61.42 in. (134 – 156 cm) depending on the user height setting
  • Width: 28.35 in. (72 cm)
  • Height: 60.63 in. (154 cm)
Teeter EP-960 - Front View

Position no. 2: The user is in the horizontal position

  • Maximum length: 83.07 in. (211 cm) when set to the maximum user height

Position no. 3: The user is in full inversion

  • Maximum height: 84.25 in. (214 cm) when set to the maximum user height

We recommend having enough space around the table for safe and comfortable exercise. It would be great if you have 2 ft. – 3 ft. (61 – 91.4 cm) of space extra to our measurements. However, during our testing, we found out that 4 to 5 in. (10.2 – 12.7 cm) of extra space in addition to the measured values will allow you to perform inversion therapy without any problems. From these values it is also clear that you can comfortably train with this Teeter in a regularly large room with a standard ceiling height.

Another important parameter of the inversion table is the size of the backrest. Teeter EP-960 and Teeter EP-960 Ltd. have a backrest of irregular shape that measures 46.26 in. (117.5 cm) in length. The backrest thus provides excellent body and head support while exercising, even for users over 6 ft. 5 in. (195 cm), which we greatly praise, because not all inversion tables on the market provide such a sufficient body support of taller users.



We have bought and tested the Teeter EP-960 (Ltd.) inversion table series. The table was delivered to us in a package of 74.45 lbs (33.77 kg) and dimensions of 48.43 x 29.13 x 7.68 in. (123 x 74 x 19.5 cm). Due to the high weight of the consignment and its large volume, we recommend that you handle this consigment with two people. However, a physically competent individual will be able to handle such a consignment by himself.

Package contains:

  • inversion table in a disassembled state
  • assembly tools
  • fasteners
  • owner’s manual
  • assembly instructions
  • DVD
Teeter EP-960 Full Packaging

We greatly praise Teeter's packaging. The consigment has reinforced corners and all the inversion table components are wrapped very well in the protective foil. In addition, the components are well organized inside the consigment, so that they don’t move. This minimizes the risk of damage or scratching of individual parts of the inversion table during transportation.



The Teeter inversion table is delivered in a disassembled state and requires assembly. The table assembly is very fast and simple. The assembly is made easier with production pre-assembled components such as the base frame, the ankle holder, and the user height adjustment tube. You can handle the assembly in 13 minutes and it takes several steps:

  • 1) Mount the handles onto the base frame.
  • 2) Attach the traction handles to the backrest. You can set the traction handles into three different positions. By setting the traction handles you control the response or rate of rotation of the inversion table. You can easily change the settings at any time within a few seconds as the traction handles are secured to the backrest by means of quick-release buttons.
  • 3) Attach the backrest to the frame.
  • 4) Attach the height adjustment tube to the backrest. The user height adjustment tube is fully assembled from production and delivered with completely assembled and attached ankle holder.
  • 5) Attach the head pillow to the backrest and attach the safety strap to the backrest and the frame of the inversion table.
  • 6) If you are assembling the Teeter EP-960 Ltd. then mount the extra accessories at the end – Lumbar Bridge (lumbar pad) and Acupressure Nodes.

You can review the assembly process at the following animation:

Teeter EP-960 Ltd. Animated Assembly

Easy and fast assembly is one of the advantages of this inversion table. The assembly itself is facilitated by production preassembled parts. Another advantage is that the Teeter assembly requires only a minimum of bolting – only the handles are bolted, otherwise, everything else is assembled using quick-release buttons. Overall, we rate the assembly of the Teeter EP-960 series with the full score.



The Teeter company, founded in 1981 by a man named Roger Teeter, now belongs to the absolute top of the inversion table market. Brand success is built on top quality product, great components, innovative design, and offer of premium features of inversion tables that are not offered by the competition.

Company offers other inversion tables beside the EP-960 and EP-960 Ltd. these are, for example:

  • EP-560
  • EP-560 Ltd.
  • EP-560 with Back Pain Relief Kit
  • 900 LX
  • EP-970
  • EP-970 Ltd.
  • Contour L5
  • FitSpine X3
  • FitSpine LX9

The Teeter product portfolio includes not only inversion tables but also gravity boots, decompression and extension machines, FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and other products to help you get rid of back pain.



In the case of the Teeter EP-960 Ltd. model, you will get one of the best products on the market for your money. The EP-960 Ltd. outperforms its competitors with top-quality materials and processing, guaranteed warranty, FDA certification and, in particular, the security, stability, and safety it provides during exercise. This table will also impress you with its premium features that no other manufacturer offers, such as Acupressure Nodes or backrest integrated handles. This is the top product on the market, which is also reflected in the high price.

The Teeter EP-960 is cheaper than EP-960 Ltd. The price difference between EP-960 and EP-960 Ltd. in this price range of inversion tables is not significant – in the amount of lower tens of dollars. However, the EP-960 doesn´t include premium features such as Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge (lumbar support). And you will miss the lumbar pad greatly – without the lumbar pad, exercise comfort, or the effectiveness of inversion therapy may be limited.

However, both accessories – Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge – can be purchased separately later on.

Testing Teeter EP-960 and EP-960 Ltd. inversion tables was great. Both models are among the top products on the market, but only one can be the best. Our recommendation is for EP-960 Ltd. – it offers more features that make your exercise more effective. If you, or your loved ones suffer from back pain, sciatica, muscle tension, muscle spasm, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, or herniated disc, send them a link to this article! Teeter EP-960 Ltd. is the best inversion table on the market and it can help!