Innova ITX9600

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Innova ITX9600 Review Facts

Innova ITX9600 is an affordable but high-quality inversion table suitable for a wide range of users. The table lets you go into a fully inverted position, or you can lock the maximum inversion angle easily and quickly using one of several preset positions. Exercise will make you feel comfortable and secure thanks to a sturdy steel frame, sufficiently long handles, and a cushioned, comfortable backrest with a height-adjustable headrest. The table is lightweight, easily portable, and foldable, making it much easier to store than its competitors.

The Innova ITX9600 inversion table represents a great opportunity to enjoy inversion therapy at a reasonable price.

  • Comfortable backrest and headrest
  • Height-adjustable headrest
  • Foldable for easier storage
  • Light and portable
  • Table stability
  • Very favorable price
  • Mechanism for maximum inversion angle setting
  • Quality and manufacturing of some welds and components
  • The ankle holder provides a lower level of comfort for attached ankles
  • Limited options for the ankle holder


The Innova ITX9600 inversion table will be delivered as a package with dimensions 51.18 x 22.24 x 5.12 in. (130 x 56.5 x 14 cm) and 59.20 lbs (26.85 kg). The manufacturer recommends that two people handle this shipment. However, from experience, we can say that it is possible to handle such a shipment alone, without the assistance of another person.

Package contains:

  • unfolded product,
  • fasteners,
  • assembly spanners,
  • owner’s manual.

Most components are packed in a protective foil that prevents possible damage and scratches to individual components. In addition, some components have enhanced cardboard packaging protection.

Innova ITX9600 Full Packaging

However, we were unpleasantly surprised by the way the backrest and the headrest was packaged. The protective foil in which the backrest was packed was caught between the backrest and its frame. To completely remove this foil, you must unscrew the backrest from its frame, remove the foil, and then screw the backrest in again, which is very impractical, as folding takes longer.

Another way to remove the protective foil is to carefully cut the plastic with a knife around the backrest frame, so that it is not visible. This solution is not likely to suit all users, but is much faster than dismantling and refastening the backrest to its frame.

The same applies to removing the cover foil from the headrest. However, disassembly and subsequent removal of the protective foil is much faster than in the case of the backrest.

Innova ITX9600 Headrest Cover

The package is not heavily reinforced; you will find only a few small pieces of polystyrene on the sides. Other lining or protective material is completely missing. As a result, the packaging may be ruptured during transportation, which may result in scratches or other damage to some of the components.

Despite slight damage to the delivered packaged, we have not noticed any visible damage to the individual parts of this inversion table.



The Innova ITX9600 is delivered in an unfolded state and requires assembly. This assembly takes place in 5 steps. First, fold the base frame. Then, mount the handles to the base frame. In the third step, you will mount the backrest to the frame and adjust the height of the headrest. Next, you need to assemble the user height adjustment tube and the entire ankle holder. In the last step, you will install several plastic covers and connect the user height adjustment tube with the backrest, and you are done.

You can view the complete process in the following animation:

Innova ITX9600 Animated Assembly

The complete assembly of this Innova was done with two people, and we managed to complete it in a total time of 28 minutes and 30 seconds. However, a single average-skilled person will be able to handle the assembly of this inversion table. In this case, please consider the assembly time to be about 35 minutes.

We were pleased that the assembly process is very well-described and illustrated graphically in the attached manual. Installation is also greatly simplified by the ready-made distribution of fasteners. All screws, nuts, and washers are divided and individually packaged according to the steps. Thanks to that, you will know immediately what screws and nuts you should use in the given step. The assembly spanners included in the package allow you to assemble the product without any problems. However, do not expect any high-quality tools.

When assembling this Innova, we did not like the method required for tightening of some screws. You need to hold the bolt with one spanner and use the other to tighten the nut. There is nothing unusual about this, but when assembling, some parts of the metal base frame are in danger of being scratched.

We also have other reservations about the need to assemble the base frame itself and the ankle holder. Some competing products are being delivered with a factory pre-assembled base frame or ankle holder, which greatly facilitates and accelerates the assembly of the inversion table. Due to the low price of this Innova, it is to be expected that individual parts will not be pre-assembled from the production. However, despite some of our reservations, we consider the ITX9600 assembly to be overall positive.



The great advantage of this Innova is its low weight compared to competing products. The ITX9600 weighs only 52 lbs (23.6 kg), which greatly facilitates the transfer of the table. Manipulation of this table can thus be easily managed by a small woman.

Now, let's look at the measured dimensions of this inversion table in three different positions during our testing. The values below were measured when the headrest was set to the highest possible height.

Position no. 1: Inversion table is ready for exercise

  • Length: 46.46 – 50.39 in. (118 – 128 cm) depending on the user height setting
  • Width: 27.76 in. (70.5 cm)
  • Height: 60.43 in. (153.5 cm)
Innova ITX9600 Right Upper View

Position no. 2: The user is in the horizontal position

  • Maximum length: 80.32 in. (204 cm) when set to maximum user height

Position no. 3: The user is in full inversion

  • Maximum height: 87.8 in. (223 cm) when set to maximum user height

For dimensions, however, you should not forget the surrounding area so you have room to exercise comfortably. The manufacturer states to leave extra space of 3 ft. (91.4 cm) from the front and the rear, as well as 2 ft. (61 cm) from the right and left sides. In our testing, we found that it is possible to exercise comfortably with 4 - 5 in. (10.2 - 12.7 cm) of space in addition to our measured values for dimensions.

An important parameter of each inversion table is the size of the backrest. The Innova ITX9600 features an irregularly-shaped backrest, so there are two measured backrest widths. The backrest width at the top is 17.32 in. (44 cm) and at the widest part is 18.5 in. (47 cm). The length of the backrest measures 31.5 in. (80 cm).

If you set the headrest to the highest level, then you get a 46.06 in. (117 cm) body support area including the backrest. The backrest, including the headrest, thus provides sufficient support for the body during exercise and even for persons over 6 ft. 5 in. (195 cm), which is not common for other tables.

From the stated values and dimensions, the Innova ITX9600 is a very light and compact inversion table. Thanks to this, you can enjoy inversion therapy even in a relatively small area - in a standard room with a standard ceiling height, for instance.

Foldability & Storage

Foldability & Storage

An important feature of a high-quality inversion table is its easy and fast foldability. In its folded position, Innova takes up far less space than in its exercise position, which makes storage much easier. The folded position also makes it much easier to handle the table, making it simpler, for example, to transfer the table to another room.

To fold the Innova ITX9600 into the storage position, it is necessary to pull the safety pin at the top of the base frame. This is the metal pin that secures the table in the exercise position. Then, fold the base frame and reinsert the safety pin to secure the table in the storage position. To achieve the smallest dimensions, set the user height adjustment tube to the shortest possible user height.

You can see the storage position of this Innova in the picture below. In this position, when the front of the backrest is facing the wall, it stands quite stably. There is no danger of falling, sliding, or moving of the device in this position. However, it is strongly advised that you not store this inversion table in the opposite position when the front of the backrest faces from the wall to the space allowed for exercise. In this position, the table is not stable, and it can easily fall or be overturned.

Innova ITX9600 Folded Position

The overall dimensions of the device in this storage position depend on the height of the headrest as well as the set height of the user.

The maximum height of Innova's storage position is 75.59 in. (197 cm) when the headrest is set to the highest level. If you set the headrest to the lowest level, the device will then be 1.79 in. (5 cm) lower. The width of the table in the storage position is 27.76 in. (70.5 cm), and the device takes up only 18.31 in. (46.5 cm) of space from the wall into the room, which is more than 27.56 in. (70 cm) less than the same table when it is folded and ready for exercise.

From the measured data, it is apparent that such a folded device fits, for example, into a corner of a room or into a gap next to a cabinet.

Materials Quality

Materials Quality

When evaluating the quality of materials and manufacturing of the ITX9600, you need to be aware of the cost of this device. This is an inexpensive and very affordable inversion table, which must also be represented in the workmanship of some details.

We were least excited about the quality of rear side of backrest and headrest. These parts are not upholstered, but rather the fabric is fastened with metal staples. The individual staples are not even evenly distributed and this workmanship is really quite cheap looking.

The manufacturer could further improve the quality of some welds on the metal structure under the backrest and the ankle holder. For the safety ankle holder, we have to note, that the foam rollers used to ensure the comfort of your feet during exercise are made only from regular foam, which can also be found on cheap fitness equipment.

But we praise the solid metal structure of the handles, because they provide you with sufficient support and confidence in exercising the inversion therapy. In addition, the handles are coated with a soft, foam material that is pleasant to touch. However, with our tested Innova, this foam material was a little longer than the handle itself.

Innova ITX9600 Innacurate Handle Cover

However, we evaluate the steel frame of the inversion table in a positive light. It acts firmly and steadily, and is quite nicely varnished.

The manufacturing and quality of some parts are not among the strengths of this table. However, the Innova ITX9600 is one of the most affordable inversion tables on the whole market, so if you look at the price, a user should forgive its shortcomings in materials quality without any issue.

User Capacity

User Capacity

The Innova ITX9600 is designed for a user whose weight does not exceed 300 lbs (136 kg) and whose height is in the range of 4 ft. 10 in. (147 cm) to 6 ft. 6 in. (198 cm).

To feel comfortable with inversion therapy, you have to "fit" to the inversion table. In this respect, the width of the device between the metal fasteners by which the backrest is attached to the base frame of the inversion table is particularly decisive. The width of this part of this product is 18.7 in. (47.5 cm). If you have a more robust figure, we'd rather you take a look at IRONMAN's inversion table - specifically the IRONMAN Gravity 4000.

Inversion Range

Inversion Range

The maximum inversion angle that you want to achieve during exercise can be easily adjusted using a retention mechanism. It is placed on the right side of the table under the handle. Thanks to this system, you can set an angle of 15, 30, 45, 60, or 85 degrees. Set the selected maximum angle by inserting and lightly screwing the metal pin into the appropriate position.

Innova ITX9600 Safety Pin

If you do not insert the metal pin into any preset position, the inversion table will allow you to reach a full inversion position - 90-degree inversion. In this position, the backrest will be stopped by the metal frame structure and will not let you invert any further. This will also make you feel safe in the full inversion position.

For its functionality and practicality, we rate this mechanism as excellent. You can instantly see how great the pitch is, and the setting of this takes only a few seconds. This is an advantage when compared to the safety strap used by some competing manufacturers to adjust the maximum angle of inclination.

Keeping the maximum rollover angle controlled is especially important for those of you who are starting out with inversion therapy. At the beginning, it is especially important to start with a small angle of inclination! Gradually, with increasing practice, and only after several exercise sessions, it is appropriate to gradually increase the angle.

Ankle Holding System

Ankle Holding System

Whether you set an inversion angle of 15 or 90 degrees, it is always necessary to have your ankles properly attached to the inversion table. To mount the ankles, a part of the table called the ankle holder is used.

This holder must not only be strong enough to hold you up in full inversion, but at the same time, it must be comfortable enough to not to cause pain or bruises on the legs.

With Innova, this holder consists of a wide range of components, and the most important components are its foot pads, foam rollers, U-shaped holders, and a fixation mechanism that is adjustable into several positions.

Innova ITX9600 Ankle Holding System

We believe that the foam rollers could be, at least, made out of a better material, or could be slightly larger. Furthermore, the U-shaped holders could be more padded to provide more exercise comfort. However, the biggest weakness of the ankle holder is the fixation mechanism. Individual positions for locking the ankles in the holder are relatively far apart, so finding the optimal position may not always be easy.

Overall, we rate the ankle holding system of this Innova as average, and it is the weakest of all aspects of this Innova. Though the ankle holder offers an acceptable level of comfort, some users may have trouble finding their optimal setting.



The ITX9600 is not equipped with any extra features or special accessories, such as a lower back support or a heating belt with a massage function, etc. However, this is acceptable on account of the low price of the product.

Of course, this inversion table is equipped with user height adjustment and an ankle quick release mechanism - using the adjusting knob.

In particular, we like the possibility it gives you to adjust the headrest. The headrest can be adjusted to three positions. You have your choice of a low, middle, or high position. However, you do not perform this setting with a quick release; you need to unscrew the two screws, adjust the headrest to the desired position, and then screw the screws back in.

Innova ITX9600 Headrest

We also enjoyed the previously mentioned maximum inversion angle mechanism. Adjustment is easy and fast. Just select the desired rollover angle and fix this position by inserting and lightly screwing in the metal pin.

Safety & Stability

Safety & Stability

We must also applaud the stability of this inversion table. The steel base frame is solid, and the table really behaves stably during workout, even if you are in a full inversion position. If you want to increase the stability of your device, you can place a non-slip floor or carpet under the device.

Thanks to the stability provided by Innova, you will feel safe during inversion therapy with this table. You'll also get a better sense of security thanks to the ankle holders, which will provide you with sufficient support and exercise security.

Increased safety while training is also provided via long handles and a safety mechanism for setting the maximum rollover angle.



In one of the previous sections of the review, we gave some reservations about the level of comfort that the ankle holders of this inversion table (do not) provide you with. Let's have a closer look at this now.

We would welcome the foam rollers of the ankle holder being made of better material. The U-shaped holders have only average padding. These drawbacks cause you to feel safe, but not quite comfortable, at a greater or full inversion by the ankles. IRONMAN or Teeter are equipped with much better padding on their ankle holders, and they offer better comfort for your ankles and legs during exercise at a larger angle.

You will definitely not complain for a lack of comfort when you lie down on the backrest and rest your head against the headrest, though. Both the backrest and the headrest have very comfortable padding while providing sufficient body support during exercise. Lying on this inversion table is really very comfortable.

Innova ITX9600 Front Bottom View

A trouble-free adjustment of user height with the adjustment knob or an easy and quick adjustment of the angle of inversion with the help of a metal pin completes the overall user comfort this Innova provides.

User Experience

User Experience

You have already been made familiar with the degree of stability, safety, and comfort that the Innova ITX9600 provides you with. You have also learned about the ankle holders, backrest, and handles that it comes equipped with. You further know about the quality of the materials used, and you know the dimensions of the table in different positions and for how large a user the table is intended. Let us now take a look at the most important thing - the way you exercise on this table and what inversion therapy on the ITX9600 table is actually like.

Exercising on the Innova has impressed us, surprisingly. You can move to the inversion position by moving your hand(s) slightly upwards and behind your head. The table responds immediately to a change in body mass distribution and the tilt angle is altered. The table responds quickly and predictably.

From the aforementioned low price, we expected our exercise to be uncertain, the table not stable, and the inversion angles difficult to regulate. However, the opposite proved to be true. The table stands firm and is stable at any degree of inversion. Despite the low weight of the table, whether you set it to 15 or 85 degrees of inclination, you will always feel safe and secure.

As soon as you reach the desired degree of inversion that you have set, the table stops. You can thus comfortably relax on the Innova in a given position, breathe calmly, and enjoy your therapy without worry.

In practice, it has been shown that the metal pin for adjusting the angle of inclination is very practical and adds to your certainty, improving the overall experience of exercise. Particularly at the begining of inversion therapy, you concentrate mainly on your own feelings and the degree of inversion is regulated continuously, so the limited possibilities for setting the desired inversion angle are not a major obstacle.

As for the exercise, the missing accessories and the average comfort of the ankles are possible shortcomings. However, lower leg discomfort is only felt at steeper angles of inversion. Additional features and accessories (such as a lumbar support) are not required for everyone and are not required to exercise, especially when the table is equipped with a soft and comfortable backrest like this Innova has.

During our testing, we found that, despite some shortcomings, we can safely evaluate the Innova‘s exercise routine very positively.



The manufacturer of this inversion table is Innova Products Inc. This company is engaged in the production of health and fitness products. The product portfolio of this company includes treadmills, indoor cycling bikes, fitness benches, workout machines, and, of course, inversion tables. In addition to the tested ITX9600 model, Innova offers the ITX9700, ITX9800, and ITM5900 models. The ITM4800, which is one of the best-selling inversion tables on the market, is also available.



The product price is really very favorable. This Innova ITX9600 is one of the most affordable inversion tables on the market. However, the lower product quality is showcased in the poor workmanship of some welds, as well as in the quality of the used materials for some components. Overall, however, you will get great value for your money.